Friday, 12 November 2021

Smooth Cloud Over the Cariboos

    If you were in the Robson Valley, you would know that I didn’t take this photo today.  Today is grim with rain and gray skies.  We had a wild night of wind.  When we walked our loop trail, I was surprised at all of the branches and limbs that had come down on the trail.  Our trail only constitutes a small fraction of the total wooded area that we walk through, so if what came down on the trail was a sample, and you took the time to extrapolate the total amount that came down in the woods, it would be quite a volume.

    We were supposed to get snow last night, but all night I could hear the rain pounding on our metal roof, accented with the periodic percussion of branches that were blown off of the trees.  We get a lot of strong wind storms that blow in from the Pacific during the fall, so last night was not that unusual, but still, the force of the wind is always surprising when it is happening.

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