Friday 19 November 2021


    I didn’t expect to ever write a blog about measles, especially when so much attention these days is focused on Covid, but I read a fascinating and enlightening article about measles on the BBC website and thought it had some an important information to get out there.

    Anti-vaxxers tell you that they are relying on their immune system to protect themselves from diseases, and certainly the immune system is usually able do protect you from a lot of diseases, but scientists discovered in 2012 that when a person gets measles (one of the most contagious diseases there is) it will erase all the information stored in a person’s immune system.   Information about every cold, flu, bacteria, virus, and vaccination you have had will disappear, leaving your immune system with a blank slate (except strangely enough, immunity to measles). 

    Your body becomes once again, susceptible to all of those things you thought you were immune to.  Your immune system then has to start all over fighting things from scratch.  It takes about 3 years for it to regain all of those immunities.  Studies have shown that children who have had the measles vaccine actually live longer, because they have kept their immunities intact, and not lost them by getting measles.

    Here is a link to the article, so you can read it yourself:

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