Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Costa Rica: Jungle Tree Trunks

    In most places trees seem to be just individual organisms, although science is beginning to show us that they are tightly a part of an integrated community of other trees, and fungi.  Walking through the rain forests of Costa Rica it was pretty obvious that trees were more than just individual plants.  I’m sure there was a lot of underground things going on with fungus, but above ground, trees became a platform for a myriad of other plants to grow on.  Just look at all of the different plants growing on the tree trunk on the photo above.

    The photo below show a tree growing in the Monte Verde Cloud Forest.  You can’t even see the bark on the trunk because of all of the mosses growing on the tree.

    On the bottom photo you can certainly see the trunk of tree and it’s pretty clear that this tree likes its privacy.  You wouldn’t want to get to close to it because of all of the dangerous-looking long spines that keep other living things away

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