Monday, 26 March 2018

Where Do You Want to Relax Today, Lucifer?

    People that come to our house might think we have a lot of cats when they see the bench on our front porch, but no, we’ve only got Lucifer.  Joan just can’t help but spoil her.  Every time Joan sees a new comfortable cat bed in a store she is tempted to buy it for Lucy.  Fortunately, most of the time she will succumb to reason and pass up the opportunity.
    We really don’t need any more cat beds.  Besides these three cat resting items, we have another on the balcony, one in the bay window, and there is also one beside the wood stove.  Then I have a cardboard box with padding besides my computer monitor, and a pile of padded envelopes under my desk, where Lucy is resting now.  
    Of course, Lucifer isn’t limited to those places, she also likes to cuddle up on our beds, and on or tucked in tight beside us, when we are watching television.  
    I don’t know why a cat would need nine lives when the present one is so cushy.

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