Thursday, 15 March 2018

Snow Fall Danger

    We have been getting above freezing temperatures for about a week.  This has caused the deep accumulation of snow that is sitting on the roof to slowly, like a glacier, start moving down slope.  They are creating large overhangs of snow on both sides of my carport.  
    These overhangs are fairly cohesive or else they would have broken off, but I am always afraid that they might break off at some inopportune time and injure our pets or car, so after I took these photos I used a shovel and broke them off.  This happens every year, but the accumulation on the roof this year is much greater.
    Another result of all these sliding plates of snow is that huge chunks of overhanging snow are breaking loose from the upper part of the roof on our house and falling onto the lower roof causing loud “THUMPS” throughout the day.  Sometimes you can feel a slight vibration in the house when they fall.  It’s just another sign of Spring, I guess.

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