Monday 19 March 2018

Thinking About Seeds

    Even though there is still a lot of snow on the ground in the Robson Valley, tomorrow is the first day of Spring, and a few days ago I planted my tomato and pepper seeds.  The seed catalogues have been out for months, and now, while there is still choice available, it is the time to really get serious about what you want in your garden.  
    The local stores have put out their seed displays and so Joan and I picked and bought varieties we wanted to try this year.  I usually save a lot of seeds to plant from my last year’s garden, but it seems there is always something else that catches your eye or that you don’t have.
    With all these colorful seed packets it isn’t hard to be optimistic about the lush green garden you can see in your mind.  Reality usually sets in midsummer, when the weeds suddenly become uncontrollable or the weather isn’t cooperative. 

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