Sunday, 25 March 2018

Spring Signs on Horseshoe Lake Road

    We do a lot of walking on Horseshoe Lake Road.  There hasn’t been much to see during out winter walks; snow, maybe nice light on the mountains, but those things weren’t very exciting.  Yesterday on our walk we perked up after we saw some definite signs of Spring.  
    Most obvious was the fact that the snow was gone from the road and we walked on gravel.  The big surprise was that the herd of horses were back on the pasture after being absent all winter.  There didn’t seem to be much for them to eat yet, but I guess they know how to deal with what is there.
    We have been hearing sounds of geese flying over last week and way off in the horse pasture we spotted a flock congregating by the ice.  The most definite sign of spring was the five robins that were flitting from fence post to fence post as we walked down the road.   I really don’t know what they are eating this time of year, since all the ground is frozen and there aren’t any worms about.
    I know my excitement over such mundane things shows what a low key life I lead, but I am happy with the simple pleasures that I find.

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