Sunday 11 May 2014

Up on the Roof

    Yesterday I got up on our roof to sweep away the twigs and branches that  accumulated there over the winter.  It was a beautiful day, and being up high gave me a nice panoramic view of our garden.  We have a fence around it to keep the deer out.  
    At the far half-side of the garden you can see where I planted the potatoes.  The stakes in a row hold the fencing that my peas will climb up on.  I still have to build the “teepees” for my pole beans and plant the corn in the untilled half of the garden that are in the foreground.  Standing beside the greenhouse in the trees, you might be able to make out our out house, which we use during emergencies.

    It is so nice to have all of the greens providing the base color for the land around us.

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