Friday 2 May 2014

Saved By Ingeborg

    Thanks to some international help, I am happy to report that my new computer hell is now over, my backlog of blogs has been saved, and I am able to now use my new computer to do all of those things that I did on my old one.
    Yesterday after lunch, I was laying down for my daily nap (one of the perks of retirement), all of a sudden, I started hearing the ring-tone from my iPad.  I was getting a video-call on Facetime (an Apple version of Skpe) from our good friend, Ingeborg, who lives in Belgium.  (That is her on my iPad as she was helping me out.)
    She was reading on my blog about the trouble I was having trying to retrieve all of my old blogs on iWeb, the old program I use to do my website.  She took mercy on me and wanted to help me solve my problems, and she sure did.  
    Although she hadn’t really gone through exactly what I was experiencing, she had experience with iWeb, and a lot more “techy” knowledge of Macs.  With her there, walking me through the help information on the internet (things I had tried to do, but misunderstood), she patiently got me doing what I needed to do, and after about 45 minutes, and cutting into her Belgium bedtime, she had my iWeb showing all those files I couldn’t get it to connect too.  It is sure nice to have knowledgeable friends.
    So I now have updated       
and will be able to continue there as I have done in the past, only this time using my new computer.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Ingeborg.

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