Friday 23 May 2014

Event Cluster

    I always find it interesting that it seems we go for weeks without anything happening around here, then suddenly we get a day when everything happens at the same time.  Yesterday was one of those busy days where my normal daily schedule was interrupted because all of the other things that were happening.  
    In the morning, I had to take our dog, Skye to the vet.  When I got home I split some wood, then mowed a bit of the lawn.  In the afternoon, I went to the book discussion at the library about World War I books.  It was an interesting discussion, I got to rave about my favorite, Dalton Trumbo’s “Johnny Got His Gun,” and I put “All Quiet on the Western Front” on my reading list, after it received some really good reviews by the group.
    Thursday evening is usually square dancing, but there was going to be a presentation in town by Dr. Menounos a professor at UNBC who has been doing research on glaciers and how climate change is causing them to drastically melt back.  His research was part of a global study that was released and made news last week.  This was of particular interest to me because a couple of the glaciers he has been studying are close to McBride--the Castle Creek Glacier, and the Robson Glacier in Mount Robson Provincial Park.
    It was a grim report.  I was struck by how complicated and how many un-obvious things have to be considered when doing scientific research.  But the conclusions pretty much show that the glaciers and polar ice caps are going to disappear, some in the not too distant future, and there will be ramifications for water, wildlife, people and low lying coastal cities around the world.  The photo up top was part of the presentation and shows the retreat of the Robson Glacier over the years.
    After the glacier meeting broke up, I rushed back to the elementary school gym to join the last 45 minutes of square dancing.  After all that it was nice to be back home, in my bed, reading before I fell to sleep.

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