Saturday 31 May 2014

Sparkling Water, Straight From The Tap

    We get our water from a waterfall on the side of a mountain.  As it tumbles and rolls over rocks and waterfalls, down the 4,000 ft. (1,200m) slope, the water picks up a lot of air.  We collect the water in a culvert, then it runs down a buried pipe to our house.  
    We had to cut off the water that flowed into our waterline the other day, when we cleaned out the gravel that was clogging up our culvert.  Once we got the gravel out, we once again got the water pouring back into the culvert and our waterline.
    Whenever we do this we end up getting water full of tiny bubbles coming out of our taps.  The bubbles quickly dissipate, in fact, when I was going to take a photo of the bubbles in a glass of water, I filled the glass, and carried it out to the lanai so I could photograph it in the sunshine, but by the time I got out there, all the bubbles were gone, so I filled up the glass again, and this time just walked out of the house just as far as the sidewalk.
    After about a week, “sparkling” water no longer comes out of our tap.  I assume that is because the water sits in our culvert and waterline a bit longer giving the bubbles time to dissipate before the water gets to our house. 

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