Saturday 24 May 2014


    Forget-me-nots are tiny baby blue, pink, or white flowers that come up every year on our property.  When we first bought the place in 1977, there weren’t any, but Mrs. Nail, our retired neighbor had planted some in her yard, from seed she had gotten from the Alpine Club of Canada, and it was always a treat to see the light blue blanket they made every year.  I don’t remember if we planted some of hers in our yard or whether they just spread, but however they got here, they now help welcome the spring every year in our yard.
    Because I do like to have them, when they come up in the yard, I purposely mow around them, so that they go to seed and reappear next year.  This  of course, gives us a lawn that looks rather ill-kept, because the grass that grows around the forget-me-nots continues to grow, but I would rather have a spotty looking lawn with forget-me-nots, than a neat lawn that only consists of sterile looking grass.  
    It is amazing at how they spread.  They are now all over our lawn, and I spread some of the old gone-to-seed plants down on the dam of my pond and they have spread in the shade down by the water.  Joan and I were surprised the other day to find a lone forget-me-not growing way down in a field by the Fraser River, which is a long way from any of the other patches.  It is a mystery how a forget-me-not seed found its way down there and established itself.

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