Friday 16 May 2014

Ahead of Time

    One of the problems of being retired is that it is hard to keep track of what day it is.  When I was working, I had the work week and the constant writing of the date to keep me anchored with time, but now as a retiree, all the days are pretty much the same, I never have to write the date, and it doesn’t really matter if its Monday or Saturday.  Lately, however I guess I have let this dateless existence get a bit out of hand, I seem to be living my life a week ahead of time.
    There is the old joke about asking a retiree how they like being retired, and the reply is, “I really like it, but I do miss the holidays.”  I have been thinking of that a bit lately because on last Friday’s blog I said it was the Victoria Day long weekend.  I was wrong, the Victoria Day long weekend is this coming weekend.  This is particularly embarrassing for me because every year I create and sell a trivia calendar (above), I should probably make myself pay more attention to it.
    There is a book discussion group that meets at the local library each month on the last Thursday.  I have never attended but this month the discussion is to be about books related to World War I.  I really like books (Three Day Road), movies, and TV series (Parade’s End and Downton Abbey) about this time period, and wanted to attend the discussion, so yesterday afternoon, I gathered my favorite World War I book, (Johnny Got His Gun), and headed down to the library.  
    I was a bit surprised that there weren’t many vehicles parked in front of the library, and when I went in and asked about the book discussion, I found out why--the group meets next Thursday, or is it the Thursday after that?
    I’ll have to find out and mark it on my calendar.

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