Wednesday 21 May 2014

The Yellow Tide

    The yellow tide of dandelions is sweeping across the Robson Valley.  At the flower stage, I find the invasion beautiful.  The animals like them too.  The bees are busy visiting the millions of yellow flowers, and the grazing animals enjoy munching on them.  When I had angora goats, they would return from the pasture with their lips yellow with dandelion pollen.  We enjoyed watching black bears sitting down in the field feeding on the yellow flowers.
    It is later in the season, when the flowers turn to fluff, that the dandelions lose their attractiveness, and the air becomes filled with millions of windblown parachutes, that the plant loses its attractiveness to me.
    Below is a shot of the old Koeneman homestead cabin sitting in the midst of a yellow carpet of dandelions. 

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