Monday 19 May 2014


    Willows are trees that keep on giving.  In the fall, they shower us with leaves, through the winter, its is branches and twigs that fall to the ground, now in the spring we are getting catkins.  These are the elongated “flowers” that the willow trees put out.
    A few days ago, we couldn’t help but notice the buzz of hundreds of bees, as they circled around the willows gathering the sweetness of the catkins.  Now that has seemed to have slowed down, and the catkins are falling from the trees by the thousands.  They are covering my truck, the sidewalks, and of course the lawn.
    I am not distressed by all these catkins, I am not one of those people that obsesses over a perfect lawn, I accept them as part of what nature does, and they will soon disappear as they are swept off of the sidewalks, blown off of the roof, or ground up by the lawn mower.  The fall of catkins is just another of those events that mark the changing of the seasons around here.

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