Thursday 15 May 2014

Fraidy Dog

    When we got our dog Skye, we were wondering how well she would get along with Lucifer, our cat.  Skye is easy going and friendly, while Lucifer can be a real terror, thus her name.  Unfortunately, in that period of mutual adjustment, Lucifer showed her demonic side, and Skye decided the cat too unpredictable and pretty scary and so he gives her a wide berth.  What is strange about the relationship is that Lucifer is also afraid of Skye, so there are some interesting dynamic that go on in our household.
    The other evening, I filled a small container full of corn and oats to take down to the pond to spread for the wild ducks to eat.  As I walked down the path, Skye followed me.  Then a minute later, Lucifer also joined the parade.  
       After spreading the grain, I turned and walked back toward the house.  Skye followed me.  When I got to Lucifer, who was sitting there on the path, I walked passed her and walked toward the house.  I turned to see where Skye was, and she had planted herself on the trail, afraid to go past the cat.  She just sat there.  I could tell she wanted to come to me, but fear had frozen her to the spot.
    Eventually, Lucifer turned and walked back to the house, and a relieved Skye followed her, although at a distance.

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