Wednesday 7 May 2014

First Bear

    One of the things people in the Robson Valley ask each other this time of year is, “Have you seen any bears yet?”  Yesterday, Joan when to walk Skye at the airfield and saw a bear with a cub out in the grass.  In the evening, when I was driving to our music jam, I stopped along the Fraser River, got out of the truck to take a photo of the light on the Cariboo mountains, and as I was walking back to the truck, I heard some crashing in woods on the other side of the road, and spotted my first bear of the year.  
    Now that I look at the crumby photo I took, it doesn’t even look very much like a bear, but as it took off I was sure that was what it was.  
    Yesterday, when I was out getting some firewood, I saw this hare hiding in the bushes.  While not a very exciting sighting, at least you can tell what it is. 

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