Saturday 10 May 2014

A Mouse's Ear

    Like the cartoon says, there is an old folk saying that when the aspen leaves get to be the same size as the ear of a mouse, then you should plant your garden.  Well, the bright light-green aspen leaves have now reached mouse-ear size, and yesterday I planted my potatoes.  Weeks ago I had planted peas, lettuce, and kale, all plants that like the cool days and sometimes freezing nights and they have now all poked there heads through the soil.
    This is the May long weekend in Canada, (Victoria Day or the Queen’s Birthday).  It is the traditional time for planting gardens in the Robson Valley.  I usually manage to plant my garden a couple of weeks earlier, but it has been a bit cooler than usual this year.
    Below is a photo that I took from our balcony yesterday that show some of the aspen leaves.

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