Monday 18 March 2013

Snow, Snow, Go Away

   With spring due to come on the scene in just a couple of days (March 20), we seem to still be in the clutches of winter.  Instead of +4 C (39F), which is the normal for this time of year, the daytime temperatures are a bit colder, hovering around freezing.   The big thing disappointment for me is all the snow that’s still on the ground.   I would think that by the middle of March, we would be seeing some sign of melting.
    This morning, as new snow was still falling, I carefully treaded my way along the narrow path that we have made through our pasture, so that I could measure the snow.  If you get your foot a bit too close to the edge of the trodden path, you slip sideways into the unpacked snow and your foot disappears up to the top of your boot.
    When I got to the place I generally measure snow depth, I took my ruler and slid it down through the snow until I hit solid ground.  As you can see by reading the left hand side, we still have 26 inches (66 cm) of the white stuff still blanketing the area.  While I like snow a lot better than rain, I must confess I am getting tired of seeing it, and lust for the sight of color in my surroundings.

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