Wednesday 20 March 2013

Marauding Chickens

    Since the internal clock of the chickens has told them that spring is here, every day they are busy, meandering from place to place in the yard.  As they roam around, they are seeking places to do what chickens do, ie  scratching around in organic debris looking for tidbits to eat.  Because just about everything is covered with 2 feet of snow, it severely narrows their possibilities.  In fact, the only place that currently shows bare ground is a narrow strip that runs along the east side of our house.
    There the heat, from what little sunshine we have been getting, reflects off of the surface of the house and has melted the snow.  This little pocket has warmed up enough to encourage a few of the hearty early plants to stick their heads through the surface of the soil.
    Unfortunately, since this is the only suitable place for the chickens to scratch around in, a lot of those early plants, have really taken a beating, as the chickens rake through the soil.
    They say that its the early bird that gets the worm, but when there are chickens around, its the early plants that get the shredding.

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