Tuesday 19 March 2013

PG Trip

    For weeks we have been needing to go to Prince George for supplies.  Joan was going to go shopping when she took me up to my flight to Indiana, but the bad weather cancelled that trip and had me on the bus instead.  The same thing happened on my way back home from Indiana.  Since then, we have been watching the weather, hoping for a non-snow day so we could drive the 135 miles (217 km) and finally get resupplied.  Today was sunny and clear so we took advantage of it.
    On the way up, Highway 16,  between Crescent Spur and Purden was icy.  I was surprised to see an adventurer with backpack on his back, on a bicycle making the trip.  When I see them in the summer, I think they are crazy, having to pump up and down all the steep terrain.  It seemed even crazier this time of year, with ice on the road, practically no shoulder, and having to pull off an camp in the snow every night.  
    I also saw a robin, and felt pretty sorry for it too.  Not many worms to be had this time of year.
    The photo is the information kiosk at the Slim Creek rest station.  It didn’t appear that too many people fought there way through the 3 foot (91cm) snow drifts to read the signs.  Its probably a good thing, looking at the tremendous weight that would be hovering above them, on the roof of the kiosk.

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