Wednesday 27 March 2013

Hungry Deer

    Willows have branches and twigs that snap off easily.  Weeks ago, when I sawed off the big willow branches that were overhanging my roof, I bucked up the big chunks of the branch, but left all the smaller bits, that had broken off when the branches fell, on the snow that covered my roof.  Now, that snow is finally melting away, leaving a big tangle of willow twigs on the roof.
    The other day, I got up on the roof, and swept the snow free twigs off.  As I was doing it, I kind of hoped that the deer would find them on the ground.  I knew they are very hungry this time of year.  They have pretty much eaten everything around here that is fit to eat, and I figured they would be happy to have a new supply of willow, which they really like to browse on.
    It wasn’t but 30 minutes, after I was done with the roof, that the deer showed up and started munching.  I took these two photos, while standing in the same spot in our kitchen, showing the side window and the front window.    They chomped at the willows for quite a long time, and came back yesterday for more.
    Today, the snow on the roof is almost entirely gone, freeing up some more willows that I hadn’t been able to sweep off the other day.  As soon as I get done writing this, I will go up and sweep off a new supply for the hungry deer.

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