Saturday 23 March 2013

Grilling a Pizza

    Every Friday, Joan and I make ourselves a pizza.  We have been doing this for decades, and pretty much have it down to a fine art.  This Friday, we had a bit of a problem we had to deal with.  The lower heating element on our oven had burned out.  It meant that we could not make our pizza in the regular way.  What to do, what to do?
    We could either not have the pizza, or we could find some other way to cook it.  Since not having one seemed too much of a sacrifice, we opted for making one, then figuring out some other means of heating it.  We had used our grill once before with less than successful results, but the thought of going without a pizza seemed so extreme, we took an optimistic stance, and decided to try using the grill once again.
    We made the pizza, and I preheated the grill.  Joan told me to keep a close eye on it, so I put it in and decided to check it in 10 minutes.  She checked it in 7 minutes, and the crust on the bottom was already burning, so I hurriedly took it out.  The crust was burnt, but the top was uncooked.
    Still operating in the optimistic mode, we then decided since it was only the bottom element in our electric range that was burned out, we could put the unfinished pizza in the oven, and the top element, should cook the top of the pizza.  This we did.
    Before long, the top of our pizza was burning a dark golden brown, and so we decided it must be done, so we took it out of the oven.  When I was cutting the pizza into slices, I could tell from the way the knife cut through the crust that it was not at all crusty, as it should be, but we were hungry and had run out of ideas, so we dished it up and sat down to eat it.
    It was not the best pizza we had ever made.  The bottom of the crust was burnt black, and the middle was uncooked.  Despite, its imperfections, we were able to continue with our Friday night tradition, and hoped that the bottom oven element, that should be freighting its way to us, arrives before next Friday night.
    While on the subject of pizza, a few years ago, I did make 2 “how to” videos of our thin crust pizza and put them on youtube.  If you are curious, here are the links:

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