Wednesday 13 March 2013

Heading North

The plan was that I would get up at 4:30 AM Indiana time, quietly dress, and sneak out the house and wait for my uncle, who was going to drive me to the airport. I was hoping my mother would just sleep through my departure, or at least, just stay in bed, so she could go back to sleep, but unfortunately, I was awakened at 4:00, by my mother, who called out to me that it was 4:00, even though i told her last night i was going to get up at 4:30. she was already up and in her wheelchair.

Getting up at 4:00 meant I had an extra half an hour to kill, so Mom, had me change a couple of light bulbs on two night lights that weren't working and trim off a hangnail that she had. Then I talked her into going back to bed, and I said my goodbye, and went out to stand in the dark to wait for my uncle. He got me to the Evansville airport in good time for my 6:00 departure and he wanted to wait around with me, but I talked him into driving back home and getting back in bed.

As I write this, I am sitting in the Seattle airport, which is a bit of a surprise, because I hadn't really looked at my itinerary until this morning, and thought I was flying from Chicago to Vancouver instead of Chicago-Seattle-Vancouver. So far I have made all my connections in good time.

Wow, now here I am in Vancouver, that was a short flight. I just have the flight to Prince George to do, then hopefully, there, I can get on the Greyhound bus to McBride, and then I should be home by midnight.

Vancouver Airport has free WiFi, so I can send this blog out from here. The photo show some daffodils that come up every year at an old homesite, at the end of one of my family's fields in Evansville. Now that I am heading back to McBride, it will be a while before I see daffodils again.

Tomorrow, if I am back home I will be blogging both at and this one. Take your pick.

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