Monday 18 April 2022

Useless Pyrex Measuring Cup

    We’ve only had this Pyrex measuring cup for less than a year and already it is destine for the landfill (in our area glass is not recycled).  The cup itself is still in great shape, but unfortunately it has one problem;  the lines marking the different measuring units have faded away and disappeared, rendering it useless for the job it was intended to do.

    It was a waste of energy to produce it, a waste of fuel to deliver it to a store, a waste of someone’s time to put it on a shelf, and a waste of our money to buy it, but I guess someone made money all along the way until it was purchased, and that was reason enough to manufacture it.

    We have a couple of other glass measuring cups that we can still use after a decade or more of years, but I guess modern technology is unable to make reliable new ones anymore.  At least they have managed to make a label on the bottom of the cup, that holds up.  

    What a waste. 

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  1. Hey guys. You can always use it to boil water in the microwave for a quick cup of tea or to use for something else. Or to warm up some left over coffee. I have one I've had for at least the 50 yrs we've been married and it is still good as new. Sadly, they don't make anything to last anymore.

  2. I was thinking coffee cup as well.
    Agreed with the Hallams, nothing is made to last anymore.