Saturday 16 April 2022

How I Got Kona To Eat Her Food

    In the morning we give Kona some canned dog food and she woofs it down even though we put medicine in it for her joints.  Then in the afternoon we give her some dry kibble-like dog food, and every day she is getting more and more hesitant about eating it, thinking she would rather have something a more exciting.  It has gotten to the point where I have had to start hand-feeding each kibble to her, which she then will eat.  Having “primed the pump” so to speak, I could walk away and she then would eat the rest on her own.      

    Well that is how it worked until yesterday, when after I “primed the pump” and left Kona with the rest in her bowl, she just turned up her nose and also walked away.

    What to do, What to do?

    This is crazy, I thought to myself.  When we are outside, Kona has no problem eating all kinds of things, sticks, grass, etc.  It occurred to me that if she came upon the kibbles outside, I bet she would think she found something exciting and eat them.  Working on that theory, I scattered the leftover kibbles from yesterday out on the carport, and sure enough, this morning as we were beginning our walk, Kona “discovered” some unexpected food (the kibbles I had spread) and ate them all.

    “Location, Location, Location.” is a phrase often touted in real estate, but it also seems to be valid in getting your dog to eat.

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