Friday 15 April 2022

Canada Geese Out The Window


    Yesterday afternoon when I glanced out of the living room window, I was surprised to see a pair of Canada Geese out there grazing on the slowly emerging blades of grass in the pasture.  Canada geese are not the most rare or exotic waterfowl, but it was unusual to see them so close to the house.   This mating pair generally show up every spring, but hang out on the far side of the pond.

    Later when Kona and I walked around the pond, the geese surprised me again because they didn’t immediately fly off like they normally do.  Instead they just swam slowly, keeping to the opposite side of the pond from where we were walking.  

    The only other waterfowl that we have on the pond at the moment is a pair of Mallards.  I find both the Mallards and Canada Geese pretty mundane, but that is all that is out there.  In the past I had a flock of spectacular-looking Wood Ducks, but suddenly their numbers just disappeared around here.  I did hear a report of a Wood Duck sighting last year, but I haven’t seen them around my pond in 20 years.

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