Tuesday 19 April 2022

Peas Are In The Ground

    It’s not the most exciting photo I have ever taken, but it records a significant yearly event, the first planting that I have done this year in the garden.  Yesterday, I planted 4 rows of peas.

    People always think I am jumping the gun when I plant my peas so early, but long ago I read that you should plant peas as soon as you can work your soil.  My soil is quite workable now, so I spread some compost, got out the rototiller, tilled a section of the garden, put  up my pea fences, then planted the peas I had saved for seed last year.

     I took the photo before I covered them with soil.

    Peas like cool weather and even survive a bit of frost when they come up.  One of the other nice things about planting them so early is that they mature before everything else in the garden, so you don’t have everything coming in at the same time.

     Before I covered them, I wanted to water them in the rows, just to get them started on germination.  I got water from the greenhouse and as I was filling up the sprinkling can, I thought, this is the first time in years when I didn’t have to spend time fixing a leak in the greenhouse water pipes after winter.

    I shouldn’t have had that thought because almost immediately after I had it, a gusher of water came spurting out from the pipe in the ground.  Luckily, I have a turnoff valve down there so I was able to turn off the spray before it started flooding that end of the greenhouse.  

    I was so happy after I had gotten the peas planted and made a start in the gardening.  However, when  I got into the house with my upbeat attitude, it was quickly dashed when our microwave suddenly quit working, so I guess we will now have to get a new one.   There always seems to be something that occurs to dampen any of those positive feelings that occasionally happen.  

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