Friday 22 April 2022

There Is No Planet B

    Earth Day used to be a day that gave me hope.  I imagined that people would think about this planet we live on and be encouraged to be kinder to it.  Now I find Earth Day depressing, just another day of talk about being green, but talk is just about all we can expect.

    In both Canada and the US, our leaders talk about doing “Green” stuff: electric cars and renewable energy, then they quietly open more expansive oil fields.  Coal-fired generating plants that were closing are being reopened so they can produce crypto-currency for speculators and crime syndicates.  Already the “mining” crypto-currency across the world uses the same amount of electricity as is used in Sweden.  

    We are daily shown pictures of what is happening as Russia invades Ukraine.  Not only are innocent lives being murdered, but homes, factories, and whole cities are being destroyed, converted into useless rubble.  Billions of dollars worth of once-useful things, all of which will have to be re-built, have been turned into rust and ashes.  

    I apologize for this rant.  I know a lot of readers come to my blog to see nice photos and the beauty of the area I live in, but I had to get this off of my chest.  I will try to get back on track tomorrow.

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