Sunday 1 January 2023

New Years's Day, 1982

     Yesterday when I wrote about how we spent our New Year’s Eve, I totally forgot about the many years we spent it fighting blizzards and extreme cold, driving across the continent after a Christmas visit to Indiana.  I have been going through my diaries and just yesterday started on my 1982 diary, so I read how we spent New Year’s Day that year; driving the last leg of our trip from Indiana back to McBride.  Here is what my diary said:

    Woke up in Shelby, Montana.  It was -30°F last night so we took a motel room.  We got up and drove toward the Canadian border.  We ended up having to pay $20 duty for the things we were bringing into the country (This was after receiving the $150 allowable for 1982).  Once over the border we drove on through Banff National Park, and up the Icefields Parkway to Jasper.

    We gassed up in Jasper, where it was again, -30°F.  There were about 25 wapiti (elk) grazing beside the gas station.  As we drove west toward McBride, we must have spotted 7 moose along the side of Highway 16.  

    When we got to McBride we stopped at John and Linda’s place to pick up our house keys.  (They have been taking care of the place while we were away.)  They weren’t at home, but we found them at Mrs. Nail’s (our very refined next door neighbor), where John and Linda were having New Year’s Tea.  We joined them for tea.

    When we left Mrs. Nail‘s, we followed John and Linda back to their place to get our key.  We ended up visiting with them for a while and watching Dallas on TV, before finally heading to our house.  We were happy to discover our house was nice and warm.  

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