Saturday 31 December 2022

Snoozing in the New Year

    In my youth when the clock struck twelve on New Year’s Eve, we bundled up, went outside, and made noise, banging the bottom of pots and pans with spoons to welcome the coming year in.  As adults, we would gather with friends on New Year’s Eve for a feast, and then at twelve we shouted,  “Happy New Year”, kissed our spouses and hugged our friends.  

    As we grew older, we still gathered with friends, but it became harder and harder to stay up for midnight.  I remember one year, we could only make it to 11:00, so we celebrated Alberta’s New Year (Alberta is in a Time Zone that is one hour earlier than ours.). 

    Then came Covid and we began to spend our New Year’s Eve alone and at home and we found ourselves in bed sleeping away, when the New Year arrived.

    There for a while, it looked like this year we might return to gathering with friends for the occasion, but unfortunately, the Cosmos was against us, so again tonight, we will snooze in 2023.

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