Saturday 14 January 2023


    Lungwort is a lichen that grows on trees.  Being a lichen, it is a combination of fungus and algae.  It is the algae that gives lungwort its green color.  Normally at this time of year, if you spot one, it is dull in color and not very noticeable, but we’ve had a spell of above freezing temperatures and even some rain, so that has stimulated the lungwort to “come alive” and show some color.

    As you might expect, lungwort got its name because its pitted appearance resembles lungs.  Like other ancient “remedies” for ailments, it was reasoned that if something looked like a part of the body, taking it must be able to help cure that part of the body, and was given to people that had lung problems.  It didn’t really help them, unless it had some placebo effect.

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