Thursday 12 January 2023

Snow Covered Trees

    Traveling between McBride and Prince George on Hwy 16, you drive through a snow belt, an area that gets a lot of snow.  The snow belt lies between Slim Creek and somewhere beyond the Ancient Forest.  I am always surprised when we stop at the Slim Creek Rest Area, to see just how much more snow is there than in McBride.  Not only is it in the snow belt, but also the Rest Area is in a narrow valley so it doesn’t get as much wind as we do in McBride.

    After a big snowfall in McBride, our trees also look like a Christmas card, all heavily draped with snow, but that only lasts until we get some wind that signals a weather change, the wind blows all of the snow off of the trees.

    Compare the photo above taken a few days ago at Slim Creek, with the photo below showing what the spruce tree in our yard presently looks like.

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