Friday 20 January 2023

Highway 16, Scary Winter Driving

    I had to do a scary thing yesterday; I had to drive up to Prince George for a periodontist appointment.  I hate winter driving, especially driving to Prince George.  The short days of winter means that I have to start out in the dark.  There are always trucks barreling down the highway throwing blinding snow and rocks from the highway sanding at you, and you never know if some moose or deer will jump out in front of your car, and of course there is snow and ice on the road to contend with.

    I thought I was going to be lucky on this trip because we had had a very long warm spell, so I figured the highway would be free of ice, but of course it snowed the night before and the trucks packed the snow on the highway into ice, so the driving was dicy.

    On my drive I saw one transport truck turned over in the ditch near Crescent Spur, but it had looked like that must have happened overnight.  As I got close to the Purden Ski Hill, approaching traffic kept flashing their headlights, so I knew something was a problem.  Was it an animal near the road?  Was it a cop up ahead?  I wasn’t sure, but I soon rounded a curve and saw this trailer from a transport truck askew blocking the highway.  The cab of the truck was at a right angle to its trailer, in the ditch.  

    The accident must have just happened, there were no police, just some Highway’s Employees, directing traffic around the trailer.  About 15 minutes after I passed the accident, an ambulance from Prince George came down the highway toward the accident.

    The drive back to McBride later in the day, after my appointment was much better.  The road surface was much safer.

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