Monday 16 January 2023

Blue Monday

    Today is “Blue Monday”, supposedly the “Most Depressing Day of the Year” because of the weather, debt level (just after Christmas), broken New Year’s Resolutions, and low motivational levels.  The whole concept of being the “Saddest Day of the Year” is not at all scientific, it was something thought up by a travel agent in Britain, but it took hold in the media and now it is a thing.

    Above you see a partial list of some of the songs we play at our jam.  I am always quite surprised at how often the word “Blue”  or “Blues” pops up in the titles or lyrics.  Just because the song is about “The Blues” doesn’t mean it is depressing.  Playing music is always an “upper” for me, not a “downer”.  

    In case you are wondering the Happiest Day of the Year is generally in June ( 18th, 20th, 23rd, or 24th).  Like Blue Monday, this only applies to North America.

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