Thursday 1 December 2022

The Highlight of Kona's Day

    Kona has a friend.  Ginger is the neighbor’s dog.   Ginger has to spend most of the day inside the house, but periodically, she is let outside.  When that happens, she usually heads for our compost pile.  Kona is always excited when Ginger comes around.  Whenever we let Kona outside, she barks and barks, wanting to signal Ginger to come over.

    When Ginger comes over, they each make a defensive stance, then one makes a slight move causing each to make another stance, then someone moves again.  Eventually they get to the point where they smell each other.  Kona loves to have Ginger around, but the love seems to burn out pretty quickly.  Kona gets bored and comes inside, leaving Ginger to the compost pile.

    Often when Ginger comes around she will bark to announce her presence, of course, when she does Kona erupts into barking and demands to be let outside so she can visit with Ginger.  Although we could certainly live without all of the barking, we are happy that Kona has a friend.

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