Tuesday 27 December 2022

Old Age

    About 20 years ago I saw a TV news piece where they were trying to teach teenagers to be more empathetic toward old people.  They had the teens put on thick clothing to restrict their movements, thick gloves to hamper their dexterity, blurry googles to blur their eyesight and ear protectors to mute their hearing.  Then they had the teens try to do regular household things to demonstrate to them what it was like to be old.

    I am getting old, but fortunately, I am not all that restricted in my life yet, but I certainly feel it slowly coming.  I can’t see as well as I used to, I have trouble understanding what I hear, especially in crowds, and I have lost a lot of dexterity in my fingers.

    It’s not a all that great getting old, but like they say, it sure beats the alternative.

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