Thursday 8 December 2022

Snowball Legs

    It warmed up yesterday with the temperature climbing to just below freezing.  As a result, the snow softened and became a bit more sticky.  Kona who loves the deep snow, enjoyed romping around in the white stuff, but there was a price to be paid for her fun; snowballs started forming on her legs.  Many times she had to stop and try to bite off the snow that formed on the bottom of her feet.

    Now whenever Kona has been outside, when she comes in, we have to take her into the shower and run warm water on her underside to melt all of the snowballs.  Fortunately, Kona is good about it and marches right into the shower and patiently stands there while we shower her lower side down.  The process adds another chore to our day, but it can’t be helped, and Kona loves to romp in the deep snow.

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