Wednesday 7 December 2022

Insulation from the Sky

    I am sure that yesterday when I wrote that I liked to have a lot of snow, there were readers who rolled their eyes.  People that live in milder climes which sometimes get snow, get the wet, slushy, type of snow.  That kind of snow is terrible.  It is heavy, hard to deal with, and slippery.  It is a chore to shovel an drive in.  Fortunately, we don’t get much of that type of snow which usually comes in temperatures that hover around the freezing point.  

    The snow we get through the winter is very light and fluffy.  It is easy to shovel and it has another good characteristic:   It is excellent insulation.  In the photo you can see a foot of snow on our roof.  Even though our house is already well insulated with 12” of fiberglass insulation on the roof, getting another foot of fluffy snow adds even more insulation, and we can usually feel the difference inside.  We don’t have to burn as much wood when there is a good layer of snow on the roof.

    I always hope for a big snowfall before we get really cold weather because it helps insulate our buried waterline by keeping the frost from penetrating to far into the ground.

    We got a bit more fresh snow overnight and I just got done snowblowing my driveway for the third day in a row.  The forecast is now calling for flurries instead of snow, so hopefully I won’t have to get the snowblower out again tomorrow.

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