Friday 9 December 2022

The Snowshoes are Out

    Every winter we reach a point where the snow is just too deep for you to easily walk anywhere.  When that point is reached, it is time to get the snowshoes out.  There are really just a few places I generally have to go to in the yard, and I use the snowshoes to mash down a path to those places.  I need paths to the woodpile for firewood, the bird feeder to keep them fed, the compost pile to get rid of food waste, and around the pond so we can walk Kona.

    Once I have mashed down the snow with the snowshoes, then we can walk those paths in our regular winter boots, without relying on snowshoes.  I made all those paths the other day and it sure made walking them easier, plus Kona doesn’t get so many snowballs on her legs when she is on the paths.

    In the virgin snow, even with the snowshoes, I still sink about 6 inches (15cm) with every step I take.

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