Tuesday 20 December 2022


    All of the windows in our house are double-glazed, except for one that I installed last summer, it is triple-glazed.  When the outside temperature gets to -15°C (5°F) frost starts to form around the edges of the double-glazed windows (photo on left).  The colder it gets, the more frost forms along the edges.  In our current cold spell the outside temperature is more than -30°C (-22°) and you can see the frost that has formed on the double-glazed window.  The window on the right is our triple-glazed window, whose photo I took at the same time as the double-glazed one.  It is frost free, except for just a bit in the corner.  

    It would be nice to have all triple-glazed glass in the house, but it is very expensive.  The small triple-glazed window I bought for the bathroom that came with a screen and opener, cost $800.  As nice as it would be to have all triple-glaze, it would be terribly expensive to replace all of the windows in the house.  

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  1. Maybe you could fine some plexiglass or even plastic to cover the outside of the windows. over the siding. Staple the heavy plastic or screw down the plexiglass.