Friday 23 December 2022

Frosted Eyebrows

    I hardly have any eyebrows, but what I do have got frosted the other day during our spell of Arctic weather.

    I had a doctor’s appointment at the hospital, so my wife dropped me off then went to do some grocery shopping.   After I was done, she still hadn’t returned, when she texted me that she was still at the grocery and the car wouldn’t start.  

    Luckily McBride is a tiny place where everything is close by, so I texted her I would just walk over to the grocery to see what the problem was.  I walked the two blocks to the grocery store, found the car, but not my wife.  I got in the car, pressed the START button, and the car started right away.  As I sat in the car, I glanced at the rear view mirror and saw that ice had formed on my eye brows and the fake fur of my hat while I walked to the grocery, so I took this photo.

    I saw my wife, who had walked across the street to the garage for help.  I told her I had started the car, so she walked back across the street to the garage to tell them their help was no longer needed.

    I think the problem was a weak battery in her fob, since I had no problem starting the car.  I am not sure I like these “keyless” starters in cars.  They can sure lead to a shock when the fob batteries get low.

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