Wednesday 28 December 2022


    Since Christmas and Boxing Day were over, we thought we’d better drive into McBride because we had a few things we needed to do.  We needed to check the post office for mail, drop off some things at the library, and renew our auto insurance.  We packed ourselves into the car and drove into town.

    Our first stop was the post office;  it was closed, so we drove on to the library.  To our dismay, we discovered it also was closed.  We weren’t being very successful with our goals, but we shrugged our shoulders and headed for the insurance office--you can probably guess what we discovered there, Yes, it was also closed.   Three out of three:  One Hundred Percent.

    We then realized what the problem was:  The Christmas holiday fell on a Sunday, so everyone got Monday off.  Boxing Day, another holiday was on Monday, and since that is when everyone got Christmas off, Tuesday became the Boxing Day holiday.  

    Our trip to town was entirely a washout, we were able to walk Kona at Horseshoe Lake.

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