Sunday 18 December 2022

Rock-Solid Soup

    Every other week I make a big pot of soup to eat for lunch.  Because it is a lot of soup, there isn’t always room in the fridge to store it, so I store it out on the balcony.  On the really cold nights (this morning it was -27°C (-16°F), when I go out to get the soup, I find it is frozen solid.  In the photo you can see the frozen soup with a spoon stuck in it as far as it would go.  

    When the soup is frozen I usually just put it on top of our wood stove for a couple of hours to thaw it out.  It has to be sitting on the wood stove for quite a while before the soup liquifies enough for me to put some in a bowl, and even then, I have to microwave the bowl of soup before it is hot enough to eat.

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