Wednesday 30 November 2022


    Yesterday minutes before 5:00 PM Pacific Time (6:00 Mountain Time), I was lying in my bed reading on my iPad.  Suddenly my bed seem to gently rise a bit, then lower.  There wasn’t any noise or anything.  I wondered if maybe an earthquake had happened.  I have an earthquake app on my iPad, so immediately went to see if it showed anything.  It didn’t, so I went on reading.

    About 15 minutes later, I went back and checked the QuakeFeed app again and it showed a 5.8 magnitude earthquake had occurred 240 miles away in Peace River, Alberta.  (The map above shows a later quake of magnitude 5.3 at the same location.)   The dark blue dot is where I live.  

    I doubt anyone else around here felt anything, what I felt was quite weak.

    Alberta is experiencing more and more earthquakes due to all of the fracking that they do.  Earthquakes rarely happened there before the fracking.  Although so far the news reports haven’t mentioned fracking, I am sure they soon will.

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