Tuesday 6 December 2022

The Snow Cometh

    Our frigid weather is warming somewhat, but now the snow is falling.  I had to get out my snowblower yesterday to clear the driveway and I had to get it out again this morning to do it again.  At present there is 12 inches (30cm) of snow on the ground, but it is supposed to continue falling throughout the day, tonight, and tomorrow, so I suspect I will have to get the snowblower out again tomorrow too.

    I don’t really mind the snow, I like it more than I like the really cold temperatures we sometimes get.  As it piles up, eventually it will get so deep that you can only walk in the paths you have made or wear snowshoes if you want to got somewhere else.

    The snow we get is not the wet heavy variety.  It is light and fluffy.

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