Saturday 11 June 2022

What Kona Saw Out of the Window

    Yesterday morning when I was upstairs painting my square, suddenly Kona erupted into loud manic fit of barking.  While I am busy doing things in the house, Kona often occupies her time by looking out of the window.  If she spots a bird, our neighbor’s cat or dogs, or a squirrel in our yard, there is nothing unusual about her ballistic bouts of barking, and we struggle to calm her down.

     “Shut up, Kona,” I shouted down to her, but as usual, that did no good.  She continued her tirade.  Then my wife who had gone to investigate, yelled up to me, “There’s a bear in the yard.”

    I guess this time, Kona’s loud barking was justified, because a big black bear was walking toward us on our pond path heading for our house.  It too then noticed the loud barking from the house, stopped, and thought over what it should do.  It advanced a bit closer, but then decided that it didn’t want to get involved with whatever was making the crazed canine vocalizations emanating from the house, so it turned, left the path, climbed over the wire fence, and disappeared into the woods.

    I was happy to see the bear.  We didn’t see any at all last year and heard that one had been hit by a vehicle just up the road, so I worried that there were not any around.  Bears do cause problems destroying our fruit trees, but I like knowing that nature is still out there.

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  1. That first photo is stunning. Perfect angle perfect pose, the v on it's chest , the paw in the air. Love it!
    Thanks to Kona ,as well.