Monday 13 June 2022

iced Mountains

    Late Saturday afternoon I was at the far end of the pond with Kona when I heard a faint roar.  At first I thought it was the roar of traffic on the highway, but then the sound seemed to intensify and get closer.  Then closer again.  I began to suspect that it was wind on the trees, although the trees I could see were not affected.  Louder again and I began to see the tops of distant trees moving.

    As the roar got louder, soon the tops of the trees around me began to wave  and bend in the strong wind.  This year I have noticed several of these sudden strong fronts of wind suddenly disturb the peace.  I can’t remember this happening in past years, although it must have.

    I could see the strong winds pushing pollen from the forests on the mountains into the air.  This continued into evening and was soon joined by light rain showers.  The photo above shows the Cariboo Mountains in a haze created by both the rain showers and the kicked up tree pollen.

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