Wednesday 1 June 2022

Marking Time By "Firsts"

    Today is the 1st day of June and I guess most people mark the passage of time by the changing of the month on the calendar.  I do also, but probably more importantly to me is marking time by noting the natural events that arrive.  The things I watch for include:  The first snowfall, the first robin I see in the spring, the first bloom, the first colored leaf I spot in the fall; you get the idea.

    Yesterday I spotted another first for the year; the first bloom on one of my tomato plants.  I planted the tomato seeds in the middle of March.  I kept them in the house under a grow light until it was warm enough outside in my green house during the day, then I moved them back and forth.  I put the potted tomato plants in the greenhouse during the day, then brought them into the house to overnight.

    Finally, two weeks ago, when I figured it would no longer freeze in my unheated greenhouse, I planted the tomatoes into the greenhouse bed, and they have been doing very well.  Yesterday the first one produced a bloom, and hopefully the other plants will get the idea and follow suit. 

    I am looking forward to noting my “First” ripe tomato. 

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