Monday 20 June 2022

A Sudden Change of Direction

    Yesterday we drove to the McBride Airfield to walk Kona.  We were halfway down the tarmac when I noticed a dark hump in the tall grass on the side of the runway.  There was some kind of animal mostly hidden by the grass, and I figured something middle-sized, because I didn’t realize how tall the grass was.  Soon I saw the two rounded ears of a black bear.  It was just lounging around and eating the grass.

    One of the things we like about walking Kona at the airfield is that we can let her off of her leash, and she can run free, but after we spotted the bear, we quickly and quietly, called her and put her leash back on.  We were lucky because fortunately, she hadn’t caught a whiff of the bear, and the bear was unaware of us and Kona.

    We immediately turned around and walked back toward the car.  As we retreated, I turned my head to check on the bear.  It had become aware of us and was standing on its hind legs, looking in our direction.  It then started making its way through the tall grass, heading for the forest.  It didn’t want to see us any more than we wanted to see it.

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